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E-store Email Template Guide

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Web Designer
Nov-Dec 2020

After rebranding the E-store and align the branding to our brand website, we would like to unify the email design of our E-store. By check the click rate of each part the email template of last year, we understand 35% to 55% user click on the CTA on the first screen. And the longer email was, the less click rate we got.

To have this in mind, I created this template guideline to including logo, typography, colour, buttons and padding in a component-based, which also most importantly give the possibility for the marketing team to work more efficiently with our EDM dev team in Manila and deliver work in a limit timeframe.

The outcome is great, our E-store team able to give a simple and clear design brief using this guideline and designer and developers could easily using the existing components to deliver the EDM in a short turnaround.